How to invest in Singapore

There are few restrictions on foreign ownership of companies and local equity participation is not required in businesses established in Singapore. These can be up to 100% owned by a foreign national or company.


Financial Assistance

Potential investors should initially seek the assistance from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). EDB is the statutory board responsible for promoting inward investment and is a one-stop agency which facilitates and supports investors in both manufacturing and services sectors, as they move up the value chain to achieve higher sustainable returns and seek out new business opportunities.

EDB offers a range of financial and other incentive schemes under the following categories:

  • Equipment and technology

  • Business development

  • Innovation, R&D and intellectual property

  • Headquarters management

  • Industry development

  • Local government incentives.

Further details are available from EDB, which has an office in London.


Source – UKTI


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