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Asia Pacific market entry services

Strategic expansion into new markets is challenging for any business. This is true even of the most user-friendly countries for inbound investment, such as Singapore.

Taylor Vinters alleviates these challenges by helping you assess, execute and deliver an efficient market entry strategy, using our international network to ensure high quality ‘on-the-ground’ service.

Inevitably, in any project of this kind, a number of third party providers will be involved. That’s why we act as a central point of co-ordination, engaging with those providers on your behalf, and helping you manage multiple project work streams with the minimum of fuss.

This is possible because we have expanded overseas ourselves, and helped many other organisations making the same journey by working as an extension of their in-house business teams.

We will help you assess the market entry project at an early stage, in the following key areas:

Analysing the legal landscape relevant to your particular sector.

Identifying which government grants and tax incentives may be suitable for your company.

Business structure
Presenting your options on set-up from a corporate tax and trading perspective.

Briefing on employment market trends, availability of talent, benchmarking remuneration and help with immigration processes.

Mapping the local real estate market and possible office locations.

Providing a detailed timeline to help you monitor progress of the market entry project.


During the execution stage we will work with you on:

Core services

  • Set-up of your local business entity

  • Corporate support services – company secretarial, etc.

  • Immigration and work passes

  • Assistance with engagement of other third party services – banking, tax recruitment, payroll, property search, etc.

  • Networking and familiarisation – introductions to potential business partners, as well as regulators and other government contacts, as appropriate

  • Planning and project management

Additional services

  • Intra-group agreements, e.g. to reflect revenue recognition/transfer pricing structure

  • Corporate transactional, equity or debt funding arrangements, acquisitions and joint ventures

  • Commercial agreements, localising standard-form documents for new markets, and ‘playbook’ detailing legal and market practice variations in your target jurisdiction(s)

  • Analysis of intellectual property protection strategy

  • Employment contracts and policies for the new operation

A market entry success story

Fast-growing Red Gate Software, who provide tools for database developers and administrators, recently used our market entry service when they set up an operation in Singapore. This enabled them to achieve their aim of providing a round-the-clock support infrastructure and provide a focus to expand their markets in Asia.

Nick Wood, Head of Operations at Red Gate, explained, “Taylor Vinters have been instrumental in making our set-up in Singapore a great success, helping us understand the market and make strategic connections in Asia”. 

We continue to work with Red Gate in the implementation phase, providing a managed service co-ordinating external professionals, handling legal issues and acting as a business partner introducing Red Gate to relevant individuals in Singapore.

Our clients have a passion for innovation

Driven by a relentless commitment to improving their products, services and processes, they disrupt the status quo and achieve the best possible outcomes for their businesses and their customers, wherever they are located.

Taylor Vinters has its roots in the innovation space, founding its business 30 years ago in Cambridge, UK, Europe’s leading technology hub.

Today, fast-growth technology businesses and their investors remain a core element of the Taylor Vinters client base, but are joined by a variety of multi-national companies in the media, telecoms, logistics, aviation, financial services, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and consumer industries.

Taylor Vinters manages its Asian business from Singapore. Offering a highly evolved legal framework and a dynamic business culture, Singapore acts as a regional base for a wealth of international companies developing a range of innovative products and ideas with the potential to transform global commerce. The Singapore team is supported by our global network of trusted local law firms, with representation in all major markets in Asia.

About Taylor Vinters

At Taylor Vinters we want to change your view of what dealing with a law firm is like. Professional yet progressive, we are lawyers who listen and who are flexible, approachable and quick to respond. Our job is to get to the point: to get to the heart of the challenges you face, find practical solutions and communicate them in language you understand.

Our lawyers are excited by our clients, how their businesses and lives progress. They want to use their experience and technical expertise to enable clients to meet their objectives. Successful next-generation law firms will be those that have a clear sense of what they are about and where they are going. At Taylor Vinters we have a team of entrepreneurially minded people who share a clear vision of excellence and a commitment to being one of the elite law firms operating internationally in the areas of technology, investment and private clients.

We celebrate our personality, collectively and individually, and are proud to be Taylor Vinters. While taking our inspiration from a range of entrepreneurial and innovative industries, our staff are passionate about building a strong and independent Taylor Vinters on our own terms. In a consolidating and homogenous legal market we are committed to treating our clients as individuals.

Strategically, we aim to operate confidently at the top end of the market. We only serve clients where we can be truly excellent, providing not just technical legal advice, but also strategic value and business partnering.

We also know that serving our clients effectively is not just about law. Our portfolio structure allows us to bring services and advisers from related businesses to our clients, all under the trusted Taylor Vinters brand.

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