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Intro International provides clients with a comprehensive solution for establishing their business and Company in Singapore. We provide all the necessary corporate, taxation and accounting services required for a fast and efficient experience taking care of all legal and government obligations you may be required to fulfil.

Intro International can also assist you with Singapore work visa and immigration services to enable a smooth transition for foreign personnel relocating to Singapore.

For over 2 decades we have helped several hundred clients establish their presence in Singapore, bringing a wealth of practical, strategic experience. Drawing on our expertise, resources and business networks in the region we enable you to establish and implement your business expansion into Asia as a successful and sustainable venture. Intro International can also assist you in marketing your products and services in Asia.

Our clients come from all over the world and predominately range from entrepreneurial individuals to small and medium sized enterprises. Nearly every industry is represented by our existing clients providing us with the industry specific experience and the networks which benefit future clients. We believe that our job is not finished once your Company has been established and pride ourselves on developing and maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients. We understand the complexity and uncertainty that exists for new businesses in Asia and it is our aim to provide solutions-based advice to our clients at every stage of the journey.


Why Intro International?

Intro International believes our strength lies within our commitment to establishing long lasting relationships with our clients. We understand the importance of our core corporate, taxation and accounting services but we believe what sets us apart from other corporate services providers is our face to face approach and willingness to understand fully the nature of your business, the requirements you have and obstacles you may encounter. At Intro International we aim to provide value to our clients by offering an all-encompassing service proposition that truly enables sustainable and successful expansion in Asia and which ultimately allows our clients to focus on what they do best.


Why Singapore?

As a global business centre, Singapore enjoys significantly developed infrastructure, political stability, open and transparent business legislation, an educated and skilled workforce and has adopted English as the main working language. It is a place where trade and business is encouraged by the pro-business environment created by the governments’ supportive business and fiscal policies. It is for these very reasons that in 2013, Singapore topped the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings for the 6th successive year.

Singapore is now well established as a reputable financial and trading hub drawing significant internal and external investment making it the top location for investment in the Asia-Pacific region. Singapore welcomes foreign investment and the employment it creates and being a global hub, encourages all sectors of industry and commerce. Its ideal geographical location makes it the world’s busiest port and the perfect spot from which to grow your business and possibly springboard into other markets within Asia. Geographical location, competitive workforce, pro-business environment, attractive taxation and progressive economic policy make Singapore the gateway to Asia for the rest of the world.

Geographical Location – a Singapore base enables you to develop business opportunities in the region while maintaining a business presence in the regions most developed and stable country. Air travel to other countries in the region is regular and convenient. Singapore pro-actively maintains good trade and industry connections internationally constantly refining and developing the Free Trade Agreements it has globally.

Ease of Company Incorporation Process – the ease and speed in which a company presence can be established in Singapore is a marked improvement from many other business hubs in the region. Assuming all requirements are met and the application is submitted, a Singapore company can be established within a couple of days. Elsewhere in the region the process may take much longer. Language barriers, increased levels of bureaucracy, restrictions of foreign involvement and cultural factors all play a part in delaying the process. Singapore’s pro-business environment and unique demographic ensures these factors do not delay the company incorporation process.

Attractive Taxation Scheme – as a means of encouraging foreign investment Singapore’s business tax regime is very favourable with corporate taxes extremely low when compared to other developed economies. For newly established Singapore companies, in the first 3 years the first $100,000 profit is not taxed and for the next $200,000 profit, only 50% is taxable subject to a minimum of 10% of equity held by individuals. Additionally, tax incentives such as the Product and Innovation Credit and other discounts benefit many companies. The Singapore government also actively seeks to enter into agreements with other international jurisdictions to avoid any Double Taxation regimes therefore ensuring Singapore remains attractive to foreign investment subsequently maintaining the country’s financial success and prosperity.

Legal System – Singapore has adopted a legal system based on English common law.

Many multi-national companies and small and medium sized enterprises choose to establish their international headquarters in Singapore due to the attractive tax regime and to benefit from over 50 comprehensive Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements and Free Trade Agreements Singapore has in place.


"For Cegos Group we needed a local Partner with a like-minded focus and care for our business, as we set up our Head Office operation in Singapore for the Asia Pacific region. There is no doubt in my mind that Intro International’s network, know-how and professionalism were key success factors for us in a very efficient process from start to finish. Their focus on Cegos as a customer, and my family and me as the “human aspect” within the process, gave two very different and value adding dimensions to their all-round support.  We were totally satisfied with the services we received and personnel working on our behalf within Intro International. In fact we have since extended our working relationship and outsourced our financial management & accounting requirements to the team. One year later there is no doubt that it was the right decision for our business and we continue to enjoy an excellent working relationship. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Intro International." 

Jeremy Blain
Managing Director, Cegos Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd

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