BlueMeg is an independent corporate services provider, bridging the gap between tailored quality services and the new digital era.

BlueMeg is one of the first players to genuinely introduce digital technology in the global corporate services market, adding a new degree of efficiency, security, enforcement, and governance - while decreasing the cost of doing business massively. We are transforming the corporate services industry and, ultimately, increase the efficiency and the experience for both the client-facing side and internal operations. Complex and tedious processes are decoupled into easy-to-use digital experiences resulting in fewer mistakes and less time incurred.

BlueMeg’s clients get access to an online Console, our own proprietary software platform designed for clients to manage their companies digitally, access and retrieve company documents in a transparent and secure way, and to enjoy the automation of processes when dealing with corporate governance matters. Our promise to our clients is to deliver excellent corporate services supported by cutting edge technology to enhance clients’ experience, at competitive and transparent pricing.

Our vision is that this Console will be at the heart of any company globally as an incredibly powerful tool for dealing with all corporate governance and related services. The ultimate goal would be to enable companies to have full corresponding digital representations of themselves, completely transforming the way these companies are governed and are able to both transact and interact with third parties and each other.

What some of our clients say:

"I was inspired by my conversations with BlueMeg and their forward-looking tech approach to this traditional industry and service." - Brian Reilly, Revolv Pte. Ltd.

“I am glad I went to visit you. You are obviously a very professional firm with highly talented individuals.” - Enrique Dubois, Founder & CEO of Real Estate Asset Ledger

“Great stuff, was waiting for the console to be released! Keep it up, this makes your company be different from the others.” - Paul Bloemendal, Managing Director PRETB

“Quick feedback. You guys are awesome. Really helping my staff. Thank you.” - Ned Phillips, Founder & CEO Bambu

"Thank you very much for your all-out support. Our Business Development team was very delighted when we reported yesterday that the consularised documents were already available for collection. Of course, it would not have been possible without your team's efforts." - Erni Carlo Chua, Aboitiz

“Efficient online platform and excellent customer service. I'm a happy customer!” - Robbert Bos

New service offering:

The BlueMeg Console: White label entity management Software as a Service (SaaS)

Is your new Singapore company part of a larger group of companies? Do you manage a portfolio of companies in various jurisdictions? Do you and your team find it difficult to manage, track important dates, store and file critical documents?

The BlueMeg Console can digitize any company in the world.

Contact us today to find out how our entity management and governance software enables entities to transact and interact digitally, adding a new degree of efficiency, enforcement, and governance – all while decreasing the cost of doing business, creating value for your business. Most importantly, it sets you apart from your competitors by truly offering your team and your clients a collaborative, cloud-based tool they can access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.




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